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A Behind The Scenes Look At The First Ever Film Shot at 35,000 Feet

About a month ago we featured a teaser for Departure Date, a Virgin Produced romantic comedy that holds the title of first ever film to be shot at 35,000 feet. And now, Virgin have released a full trailer, plus a great behind the scenes look at this ground-breaking (or maybe air-breaking?) film. Read more…

TimeScapes: An Epic Time-Lapse Portrait of the American Southwest

Photographer Tome Lowe has spent the past two years working on TimeScapes, his debut feature film that presents a breathtaking time-lapse portrait of the American Southwest. Just to give you an idea of how epic the film will be: every time he releases a sneak peek of the film, the video goes viral and receives hundreds of thousands — if not millions — of views. This trailer is no different.

TimeScapes by Tom Lowe (via Neatorama)

An Introduction to Google’s Photovine

Confused about what Google’s new Photovine photo sharing app is all about? Here’s a short video published yesterday that explains the service without blinding us with hairy-chested dudes. “Instead of just posting a photo, you plant it and watch it grow.”

Aside from the fun-factor of “vines” planted for random topics, it seems like the service could be useful for spreading images of real-time news stories (e.g. protests, disasters, etc..), similar to what Twitter does with text and hashtags.

Google Teases Photovine in ‘Warm and Fuzzy’ Video

Here’s a short video that gives a small glimpse into how Google’s stealthy Photovine photo-sharing app works. Like we reported yesterday, it’s an app that’s focused around sharing photos based on a theme with both friends and strangers.

Artists & Alchemists: A Film About the Revival of Old School Photography

Here’s an interesting trailer for Artists & Alchemists, a documentary film coming out later this year about the resurgence of 19th century chemical photography.

By following ten renowned photographers creating daguerreotypes, ferrotypes and wet plate collodion photographs, Artists & Alchemists documents the sacrifice and personal vision needed to revive these once forgotten art forms. [...] Artists & Alchemists investigates photography’s origins, technological evolution, and illustrates the profound impact in today’s world.

They’ve also uploaded short portraits of the artists featured in the film over on YouTube.

Artists & Alchemists (via Photo Rumors)

Rapture: Another Epic Timelapse from Tom Lowe’s Upcoming Film

We’ve featured the amazing time-lapse work of Tom Lowe here before (see here and here), but here’s another sneak peek at his upcoming debut film titled “TimeScapes” that will drop your jaws. Stunningly beautiful.

(via Vincent Laforet)

John Chiara and His Amazing Trailer-Sized Camera

John Chiara is a San Francisco-based photographer that uses an uber-large format camera the size of a trailer that he constructed himself. The camera is so dang big that setting up the thing requires a car jack and lots of yanking. After setting up the film inside the camera, Chiara climbs out of the camera through a long black garbage-bag style tube. To develop the prints, he uses an 18-inch diameter sewage pipe that he pours chemicals into and rolls around on the ground.
Read more…

Trailer for the 5D Mark II Short Film “Betrayed”

Above is a trailer for Betrayed, a new short film shot entirely with the Canon 5D Mark II. It’s co-written and directed by Joshua Grossberg, and the cinematography was done by NYC-based photographer Robert Caplin.

The introduction of video capabilities in DSLRs has caused a boom in high definition short films on the Internet, but this one actually features a cast you might recognize: Seth Gilliam (The Wire), PJ Sosko, and Cara Buono (The Sopranos). Betrayed is currently being submitted to film festivals around the world with the goal of raising the funding needed to shoot a feature length version of this film. Caplin tells us,

Never before have we had the power to individually produce video with this level of quality at such a low cost. Recent technology has shattered walls for photographers and changed the way we do our jobs and explore our creativity. Last year I was merely a still photographer…and now I have a world of potential at my fingertips with the advancement of Digital SLR video.