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The Amazing Light Painting Photography of Brian Hart

Artist Brian Hart creates amazingly detailed light painting photographs, sometimes spending nearly 20 minutes exposing a single one. The above photo, titled “apartment light drawing”, took 17 minutes to draw.
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Time-lapse Music Video Uses Apartment Buildings for Light Show

Film director André Chocron created this beautiful music video for the song “Time is of the essence” by Cold Mailman using time-lapse and tons of time-consuming editing. The time-lapse stills were shot over two weeks using a Canon 7D and Nikon D300, but that wasn’t the difficult part — editing the video to have the apartment buildings serve as equalizers for the music took a whopping three months!

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Stop Motion Post-it Animation by Disney

It’s amazing what simple photography and tons of time and dedication can produce. This stop motion video was created using 25,000 pieces of paper and a 10 foot wall.

Our “Give a Day, Get a Disney Day” story unfolds through thousands of individual photos featuring Walt Disney World Cast Members moving sticky notes around by hand – no video cameras were used. Also, there were no post-production “tricks” used to create the giant sticky note Mickey Mouse, the background or to “animate” the pieces of paper. See for yourself.

Also, keep your eye out for the photographer behind the camera making a cameo appearance.

‘Mickey Notes’ – Disney Parks Celebrates Volunteering (via Boing Boing)