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A Closer Look at the Camera-Stealing “Klepto” Tiger Shark

Remember that “klepto” tiger shark that was filmed swimming away with an underwater photographer’s DSLR? Turns out it has a name: Emma.

CNN picked up on the story and did a little digging, resulting in the short report seen above.
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Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your DSLR Unattended on the Ocean Floor

Everyone knows you shouldn’t leave DSLRs unattended in public places on land, but did you know that the same is true for when you’re shooting on the ocean floor? In the video above, one unlucky diver leaves his DSLR rig sitting on the ocean floor while swimming with sharks, only to have a klepto tiger shark swipe it and swim away.

Apparently tiger sharks have a thing for cameras: here’s another video that shows what it’s like to be gobbled up by a shark and then spit out.

P.S. Can anyone identify the rig and/or the camera being used?

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Tiger Shark Swims Off with Camera Rig

What’s with underwater photographers getting mugged by large sea creatures these days? Dutch photographer Karin Brussaard was doing ocean photography off the Bahamas recently when a 7-foot-long shark decided to grab her DSLR camera rig and swim off. Luckily, like the other animal thieves we’ve written on in the past, the shark decided to drop the rig a little while later relatively undamaged. What’s even cooler is that they managed the capture the above shot of the klepto shark.

(via Gizmodo)

P.S. Tiger sharks are the second most dangerous shark to humans after the Great White.