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Tripad: The Laptop Stand for your Tripod

Here’s a unique invention that could make many a photog’s life easier — especially if they’re shooting tethered. The Tripad, which is available on the company’s website for $100, is a laptop stand for your tripod. The unique design allows you to hang the Tripad over your tripod, and use the platform to hold your laptop, notebook, or other photography gear.

Unless you’re hauling around your desktop, the 50lbd weight limit should be more than enough for the average person; and sunrise photographers will be happy to know that the Tripad also comes fully equipped with a slide-out cup-holder to hold your coffee or energy drink of choice.

Tripad (via TogTech)

Leaf Capture Remote iPad App Allows You to View Photos Wirelessly As You Shoot

Photographers can now use their iPad or iPhone to view images remotely during a photo shoot — if they’ve got a Leaf or a Mamiya digital back. Today, Mamiya and Leaf announced the release of a new App compatible with Leaf backs, as well as Mamiya’s DM-series and RZ33 digital cameras and backs. When tethered shooting on a Mac, the Leaf Capture Remote v 2.0 App allows one or more iPad or iPhone to function as a remote image viewer over Wi-Fi.

There is no live view mode, but images are available to view as they are taken. There are obvious benefits to workflow with this sort of program, since the photographer can move around while reviewing the results from shots. Also, several people can view and flip through the images on different devices, which could come in handy in large photo shoots.

The App is free from the Apple store, and works in tandem with Leaf’s Capture server, which must be installed on your computer.

Now It’s Official: Lightroom 3 Beta 2 Released on Adobe Site

After a bit of confusion, Adobe has released and confirmed the Lightroom 3 Beta 2.

Some highlights of the new free beta software are:

  • Faster import and loading for images
  • Native tethered capture for Nikon and Canon cameras – upload and see images while you shoot, segment them by session. This is extremely useful for commercial and studio photography.
  • Luminance noise reduction – another way to reduce color noise in an image — and it looks great in this video demo at about 4:00.
  • Import and manage video files
  • Customizable watermarking capabilities

Lightroom 3 Beta 2 is available for download from the Adobe Labs site. Adobe encourages and emphasizes its response to user feedback from the Adobe community forums, as well.

Adobe has also extended the beta expiration date from April to June 30, 2010, leaving plenty of time to take the beta for a spin.

False Alarm? The Mystery of Adobe’s Lightroom 3 Beta Update

Earlier today, several sources, citing a press release on DPReview, reported that the Adobe was going to release an updated Lightroom 3 Beta, which included a video feature, tethered shooting capabilities, and several other improved features.

A few hours later, the release on dpreview vanished. So did a release on dpnow.

According to CNET, the release appears legitimate but may been prematurely posted.

Adobe did not comment on the news, and there appear to be no new updates available on the Lightroom site.

The excitement over the rumored beta update was largely over its video capabilities: Adobe would appear to be keeping pace with advanced DSLRs, allowing users to import and organize videos from their cameras.

Additionally, it would enable tethered shooting, faster import, better noise reduction, and a Flickr sync capability.

Since the false alarm, the Lightroom forums have lit up with disappointment and anticipation, since Adobe has neither denied nor supported the rumor.