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The Graceful Movements of Tennis Players Captured with Long Exposures and Strobe Lights


For a series of photos titled “Chronophoto,” photographer Jean-Yves Lemoigne paid tribute to old strobe photography camera tests with his own series of images that explore the movements of tennis players.
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Heineken Using an Instagram Scavenger Hunt to Give Away US Open Tickets


It’s not just Facebook that is eager to unleash the money-making capabilities of Instagram, many companies use the service regularly to connect with their clients and build a brand presence. Heineken’s recent Crack the US Open competition is a great example. Read more…

Tennis Player at French Open Uses His iPhone Camera to Dispute a Line Call


Forget the electronic line judge or the slow motion review by the refs, professional Ukrainian tennis player Sergiy Stakhovsky decided to take matters into his own hands when a line call didn’t go his way in the French Open on Monday.
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Photo Shoot of Andy Samberg Portraying Several Iconic Tennis Champions

It wouldn’t be the weekend without a behind the scenes look at a photo shoot, and if we can also inject a little bit of humor into it, well, in that case everyone wins. This behind the scenes comes courtesy of The New York Times and an assignment they gave to legendary sports photographer Walter Iooss Jr. The assignment was to shoot comedian Andy Samberg as several of tennis’ most iconic champions in poses they themselves were famous for.

As you can imagine their time at the studio was pretty fun, and it’s sometimes quite shocking how much like these tennis champs they made Samberg look. There’s not too much in way of educational content here, but there’s plenty to enjoy… so go enjoy!

Magazine: Andy Samberg Prepares for His Matchups (via ISO1200)