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Photographers Ignite: 5-Minute Presentations in 20 Rapid-Fire Slides


An ignite is a type of event in which presenters are given 5 minutes to talk about a subject in just 20 slides. Each slide is shown for only 15 seconds before the slideshow is automatically advanced. It’s a rapid fire of learning and inspiration that has the motto: “Enlighten us, but make it quick!”

In 2010, photographer Kevin Kubota launched a Photographers Ignite event at WPPI, and the show has since become a staple of the expo.
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CMOS Inventor Eric Fossum Lectures on Sensors, From Basics to State of the Art

Eric Fossum, the man who invented the CMOS image sensor, recently gave an hour-long lecture at Yale that provides an educational overview of the technology. He covers a wide range of topics, ranging from digital imaging history to the latest state-of-the-art technologies in the sensor field. If you’re at all interested in learning how your camera works, this’ll be an interesting lecture to take in.

(via Image Sensors World via dpreview)

14 Powerful TED Talks by Photographers

TED has some of the most interesting talks you’ll find on the web, with topics ranging from how diet can prevent cancer to demonstrations of amazing new photo technology. They also have a great collection of talks by photographers, and we’ve compiled a list of 14 of them here. These short talks are eye-opening, jaw-dropping, and often quite moving.
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