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Unboxing the Canon Lens Thermos and Coffee Mug

I’ve been dying to take a look at the Canon lens coffee thermos and mug since I first wrote about it back in the beginning of March, but didn’t want to buy a set just to take a look. Luckily for me, the nice people over at sent me some samples to check out and play around with. In this post I’ll be sharing some photographs and thoughts about these unique items.
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Nikon 24-70mm and 70-200mm Coffee Cups Appear on eBay

After the enormous success of the Canon 70-200mm Coffee Mug, it was only a matter of time before Nikon-branded cups joined the party. Nikoneans can now rejoice — a 24-70mm coffee cup has just appeared on eBay as a pre-order for $50. It doesn’t appear that Nikon has anything to do with this 1:1 replica cup, but those who have been eagerly waiting for such a thing to appear can now pounce on this awesome (but unofficial) accessory.

Those who want longer focal length coffee cups can also buy a 70-200mm coffee cup for roughly the same price:

Update: Nikon is not affiliated with these cups in any way.

(via NikonRumors)

Amazing Canon 5D Mark II USB Drive

This might be old news for some of you, but I just came across it so I’m guessing many of you haven’t seen it before either. This is a 4GB USB drive that looks exactly like a miniature Canon 5D Mark II, with an EF 24-105mm lens as the drive, and the camera body as the case.

You can find them on eBay by searching for “canon 5d usb“. These little things will set you back about $94 apiece, including shipping.

Don’t need that much power in a USB drive? There’s also a 2GB flash drive that looks like a Canon 450D (AKA Rebel XSI). It actually costs more ($110) and seems to be a bit more rare. The USB drive is also in the body rather than the lens, and it comes with a kit lens rather than a nice L lens:

Seeing as the lens ship from Hong Kong, Canon probably doesn’t have anything to do with these lenses, just like the Canon 24-105 coffee mugs that appeared when the Canon L lens mug became a crazy Internet hit.

Anyhow, if you want to say you have a full frame USB drive and don’t mind spending semi-big bucks for one, this is the way to go.

Canon Mode Dial Vinyl Laptop Decal

Hot on the heels of the latest Canon coffee mug craze, here’s another fun item for you to drool over: a Canon mode dial vinyl decal for your laptop. What better way to show your love for photography and/or nerdiness by displaying a cryptic circle of symbols for the world to see? It’s available for $15 + shipping from suzieautomatic’s Etsy store.

(via PDNPulse)

Update: For more photos of the decal check out this Flickr set.

Canon Lens Mug Appears in Canada eStore

Looks like the Canon 70-200mm might not be as “collectible” as we all previously thought. Perhaps after seeing how the mugs went viral online, for the next two weeks Canon will be including a collectors mug with any purchase in its Canada eStore over $200 CAD. In the promotion they state that the value of the Canon Lens Collectors Travel Mug is $39.99 CAD. If you’re in Canada and were planning on buying gear anyway, now might be a good time.

Thanks for the tip, jersel!

Update: Justin informs us that you can buy the mug directly for $29.99 CAD from Vistek.

Canon Look-Alike Cup Available on eBay

Along with some news of the collectible 70-200mm Canon cup we posted yesterday, we mentioned that DSLR News Shooter was giving away a 24-105mm look-alike cup that we hadn’t seen before.

Turns out the cup was manufactured by some company in Hong Kong, China rather than Canon. It’s probably not legit, but seems to be a fantastic replica of the actual lens. We’re not sure how long this is going to be available, but you can head on over to eBay and buy yours for $40 ($24.99 plus $15 shipping):

(via 1001 Noisy Cameras)

Canon Lens Mug Purchased in Canada

The web has been abuzz the past couple days over the collectible L-lens look-alike coffee mugs Canon was passing out at the Olympics. Everyone is asking whether they’ll be available to the general public.

One of our readers, Chris Wilkinson, has sent in photos of the Canon EF Lens Collector Cup he actually purchased from a local camera store in Canada. He tells us,

I saw the photo via Petapixel’s link to PDNPulse, so I emailed the photo to Carsand Mosher in Truro, Nova Scotia. A store I’ve purchased every piece of photo equipment to date, and they know my obsession with Canon branded promotional items. The subject line was “Just one question” the body was “Can you get this:” and the mug photo in the body of the message.

To my delight, The reply was “Yes…and I thought of you when I saw those this past Monday. We ordered some, and we have a sample here fresh in the box. They will sell for $29.99 (cad). A few minutes later, another reply came in that they have two samples on hand. I bought both. One for use, one that will remain wrapped for my collection. They arrived in the black gift wrap complete with the red ribbon, perhaps cleverly imitating the red ring. These samples may have been special, or maybe even an add-on from my camera shop. Either way, I can’t see the regular stock wrapped in black paper and a ribbon.

According to my sales rep, they are taking pre-orders for the mugs now, many colleagues of mine have placed pre-orders for the regular stock when (if?) it arrives.

Wow. If these things actually go on sale to the general public for $29.99 CAD (currently about $29.13 USD) I’m sure there going to sell like hotcakes. Here’s a video Chris uploaded showing his mug:

Yup. It’s obviously real.

PDN Reporting the Opposite

Don’t get your hope up TOO much though. PDNPulse is reporting that the mugs may not be available anytime soon:

Despite rumors that the mugs would be offered as free swag to those attending the WPPI Convention in Las Vegas next week, a Canon spokesperson tells us they were created by Canon Canada solely as a giveaway to photographers at last month’s Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

They also received another photograph of the mug from Josh Weisberg of Microsoft:

24-105mm f4L IS Coffee Cup Giveaway?

DSLR News Shooter is doing a giveaway for a… 24-105 coffee cup? We’re not sure how real this is, but the photographs they have in the post sure look real:

They’re asking that you register on their site with your name and email, and then leave a comment on the post for a chance to win the mug.

How much do you want one of these things? If one of them was being auctioned on eBay, how much would you bid?

Canon L Lens Look-Alike Coffee Mug

Canon was handing out coffee mugs that look like the Canon 70-200mm L series lens at the Vancouver Olympic games. Josh Weisberg, director of the Microsoft Rich Media Group, got one at the Olympic Press Center, and sent the above photograph of it to PDNPulse.

If only Canon would start selling these things to the general public. I’d buy at least one.

Image credit: Photograph by Josh Weisberg and via PDNPulse