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Nikon Super Telephoto Lens Doubles as a Fake Bazooka

Once your lenses get to a certain level of awesomeness, you have to start carrying them like bazookas. Can anyone identify the two lenses found in this photograph?

(via The Phoblographer)

Homemade 900mm Super Telephoto Lens

Over at Leica User Forum, member dkpeterborough wrote a series of posts detailing how he and a fellow member of the Peterborough Photographic Society named Tony Lovell created a beastly 900mm lens. The lens uses optics salvaged from a government flight simulator projector lens, and cost only hundreds of pounds in parts (comparable lenses cost thousands).

If you want a lens with a similar range for a similar price, but don’t have the technical know-how to make your own, check out this Opteka 800mm mirror lens on Amazon that sells for $200.

Home made 900mm lens (via Reddit)