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Fake Canon 5D Mark III Commercial

A student in Germany created this fake Canon 5D Mark III commercial for a school project, and fooled quite a few people online.

(via Foto Actualidad)

Creative Pixilation Student Project Shot with Old 16mm Film Camera

Pixilation is the stop motion technique in which humans are used as the subject, moving through slight changes in pose and position in each successive frame. Eric Hanus, a recent graduate from Indiana University, created the above video (titled “Day Drunk”) using the technique, and doing it with a old, hacked film camera to boot. Hanus tells us,

The project was shot on a Bolex NonRelfex 16mm film camera. It was done this spring along with Jeremy and Russell (in the credits) for an Advanced Experimental Film Production class. Instead of going for an abstract, art-house type project, our goal was to create a narrative using a rarely seen experimental technique; pixilation. Since the camera is designed for 16mm motion pictures, we had to disengage the motor and manually trigger the camera to advance one frame at a time.

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