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Make Long Wedding Albums a Fun, Quick Watch by Turning Them Into an Animated Sequence

Wedding photos are wonderful. But sometimes sitting around the living room looking through a couple hundred, if not thousand, wedding photos isn’t exactly ‘fun’ for the friends you inevitably force into it.

Well, there’s a solution for that. Just do what this couple did and turn the wedding photographs into an animated short film. Read more…

World’s Smallest Stop Motion Video Created with a CellScoped Nokia N8

Less than a year ago when I was a grad student at Berkeley, I heard a guest lecture by Professor Daniel Fletcher in which he discussed his CellScope project. His group aims to transform cell phones into light microscopes to aid in disease diagnosis in developing countries. Turns out the concept can be used for more than medical purposes.

Inspired by the CellScope, Nokia hired Aardman to create the world’s smallest stop-motion film using the Nokia N8 cell phone. The result is “Dot”, a stop-motion film starring an uber-small 9mm tall girl. Aardman had to create 50 different versions of the girl for all her various poses, and spent about one day making every four seconds of the video.
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Thousands of People in 21 Countries Walking in Stop-Motion

life.turns. is a creative crowd-sourced stop-motion project by photo sharing service Blipfoto. By dividing the motion of a human walking into eight simple frames, they invited contributors to submit photos of people in one of the eight poses. 1025 photos were submitted in 40 days. After putting the submissions in sequence and aligning them, what resulted was a stop-motion video of thousands of people in 21 different countries walking.
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Pac-Man Performed in Stop-Motion with Humans as Pixels

French-Swiss artist Guillaume Reymond created this fun little stop-motion video showing Pac-Man being played at a movie theater in Switzerland last month. The project had 111 patient volunteers sit, shift, and change shirts over the course of more than four hours. This is the fifth video in Reymond’s GAME OVER project, in which he recreates classic arcade games with humans as pixels.

(via Laughing Squid)

Creative Stop-Motion Music Video with Lyrics Being Spread

Here’s a stop-motion music video created by Ian Robertson for a song titled Lyrical Spread by The Chameleon. Robertson uses stop-motion to display the lyrics of the song in a pretty unique way — as jam being spread over bread.

It was created using a Canon 350D, a label printer, hundreds of individual photos, and a healthy dose of patience and creativity.

Fun and Creative Stop-Motion Video for Summadayze 2011

The above is a promotional video for the Summadayze 2011 music festival done in stop-motion. It was created by Tom Blachford, a 22-year-old self-taught photographer based in Melbourne, Australia.

15 hours of photography were required to shoot the 1,000 frames that went into the final video, and there were no special effects added in digitally. This means all the illustrations seen in the background were painstakingly drawn by hand as the photography was being done. Wow.

Update: Tom tells us that the stills were shot using a Nikon D300s and two 600 watt strobes.

Stop-Motion Music Video Created with 15,000 Shots from a Canon 400D

Devil in the Detail” is a neat stop-motion music video directed by Souljacker for the band The Ambience Affair. Rather than use video cameras, a Canon 400D was used to shoot over 15,000 still photographs, which were later combined using Final Cut Pro.

When asked in the Vimeo comments how some of the shots were done, Souljacker replied,

[…] most shots where the camera pans with the character we shot bursts of about 60-90 quick consecutive frames at about 3fps… we also got him to alter his movement slightly which I think helped create the strange feel, as for the gear I used my own camera 350d for some tests then borrowed a friends 400d for the main shoot.

It’s neat how the stop-motion gives the video a dreamlike quality.

Remarkable Stop-Motion Walk Across America

Here’s a really astonishing stop-motion video of a guy walking across America. Peter Cote, director Sam Griffith, and the Conscious Minds Productions crew approached Levis jeans for sponsorship and products to use during the shoot. The trip began June 17 in New York and ended July 1 in San Francisco. For the actual photography, the crew used a Canon 5D. Read more…

Amazing Stop-Motion Super Mario Video Made with Sticky Notes

This stop-motion video will blow you away. Students in Japan created this video of Super Mario for a school festival using only sticky notes for the animation. Putting together the 1.5 minute video required two weeks of work and about 5,000 yen (~$55). I predict this video will go viral on the Internet in the next few days.

(via Boing Boing)

Beautiful Stop-Motion Engagement Session Video by Sarah Yates

After shooting the engagement session of Tori and Austin, wedding photographer Sarah Yates took 500 4×6 photographs of the session and created this beautiful little stop-motion video. If you’re a wedding/engagement photographer, this might be a great idea for something else to include in your package.

Austin and Tori Stop Motion Engagement Session (via Photojojo)