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A Look Into The Still Photography Career of Motion Picture Icon Stanley Kubrick

Stanley Kubrick’s legacy will forever be sealed in images. Mostly known for his motion picture work, it wasn’t until after his time as a still photographer that he took on the world of movies. Kubrick began his career as a photographer, at 16-years-old, after a single image seemingly catapulted his way to success.
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One of Three Academy Awards Ever Given for Still Photography is Up for Auction


Many people don’t know this, but for a brief stretch of time, there was an Academy Award given out for the category of Still Photography. And now, one of the three of these medals ever awarded is up for auction. Read more…

Creating Still Photographs by Extracting Frames from HD Video

Are we close to the point at which HD video cameras are so good that professional photographs can simply be extracted from footage rather than shot with a still photography camera? That’s a question photographer Kevin Arnold had, and when he finally got his hands on a $65,000 RED camera he decided to seek an answer:

What I hadn’t anticipated going into this was the advantages this style of shooting would offer in terms of capturing natural expressions and key moments. Obviously, when you’re shooting 120 frames-per-second, it’s almost impossible to miss a moment. But there’s more to it. Shooting video is comparably silent and, without the constant clicking of the shutter reminding them that their every movement was being recorded, the athletes were able to forget I was there. This is huge when you’re striving for authentic, candid images, a hallmark of my work.

On the flip side, Arnold found that one of the biggest issues was achieving fast enough shutter speeds for sharp frames, as most of the frames in his videos were plagued with some kind of blur. Head on over to his blog to read his in depth exploration.

Stills, Meet Motion (via A Photo Editor)

Image credit: Photographs by Kevin Arnold