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Photos of People Staring At Computers

Kyle McDonald wrote a stealthy app that captures a single photo every minute and sends it to his server if it contains a face. He then went around to different Apple stores around New York City and installed it on the computers, collecting more than a thousand photos.

Before sharing the photos online, I decided to exhibit them in the same places they were originally captured. So I wrote another app that could be remotely triggered after being installed on all the computers in one location. When the app starts up, it takes a picture and slowly fades in that photo. A moment later, it starts cycling through older photos.

Most people instinctively quit the app less than 10 seconds after recognizing their own face, so the exhibition was relegated to the unused machines. [#]

Photos from the project are also automatically published to this Tumblr site. Something tells me Apple won’t be too happy about this when they find out.

(via F.A.T. via Laughing Squid)

Pool Party: Google’s Photo Sharing App

Facebook can’t be too pleased with Google right now. In addition to releasing a Facebook competitor called Google+, the company has also beaten Facebook to the mobile photo sharing space with a new app called Pool Party. Like Google+, the app is currently invite-only, but if you can score an invite it’s a free download for both iOS and Android. The app is based around collaborative group albums called “pools” that allow you to share pictures with friends and family in real-time.
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Camouflage Your Camera with Duct Tape

If you want to make your camera stealthy for whatever reason (maybe wildlife photography?), there’s special camouflage-patterned bags or cases you can buy to put your camera in. Those can be pricey though, and an easier do-it-yourself solution is to simply tape up your camera with some camouflage duct tape. Instructables member Nano_Burger posted a series of photos showing how he did this with a cheap film camera.

Stealthy iPhone Photography with Camera Camouflage

The expression “shooting from the hip” might soon become “shooting from the ear” for iPhone photographers. There’s a new app in town called Camera Camouflage that allows you to sneakily photograph while appearing to be engaged in a phone conversation. The app can activate your phones ringtone, allowing you to “take a call”, and then snaps photos whenever you talk (it’s voice activated). On the iPhone 4, the app deactivates the flash by default, helping you avoid potentially embarrassing situations.

For some stealthy street photography, you could simply chat on your phone while strolling down the sidewalk. Taking portraits of people becomes as easy as stopping in front of them, turning your head to look at something to the side, and saying something random.

You can get your hands on Camera Camouflage for $0.99 in the App Store.

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