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Sony Takes the Bridge Camera Bar to New Heights with Crazy 63x Superzoom at CP+


Canon wasn’t the only one to food our inbox last night, and not even the announcements we were most anxious for. Sony also made some exciting announcements, including a refresh to its Cybershot line that includes three new superzooms and two new point-and-shoots.

Oh, and we should probably mention that one of those superzooms is the world’s first bridge camera to feature a 63x optical zoom lens. Read more…

Sony Unveils the Tiny HX50V, the World’s Smallest and Lightest 30x Superzoom


Somewhere in-between the point-and-shoot and ILC categories falls the superzoom, and it doesn’t get much love. Often nearly as bulky as an entry-level DSLR, superzooms present a mix of features that only endear them to certain consumers. Sony’s newly announced Cyber-shot aims to expand that market by shrinking down the traditional superzoom to tiny proportions. Read more…

Sony Announces the RX100, Touted as “Best Pocket Camera of All Time”

Sony’s new Cybershot — specs and pictures of which were leaked just a couple of days ago — was just made official this morning, accompanied by quite a few nods of approval from tech and photo nerds everywhere. PC World are even calling it the “Best Pocket Camera of All Time,” and they may not be far off. That’s because the new Cybershot DSC-RX100 is a fixed lens point-and-shoot compact that packs a wallop. Read more…

Leaked Photos and Specs of Sony’s RX-100 Larger Sensor Compact Camera

Fresh off the rumor mill: Sony will be announcing a new large sensor compact camera in the following weeks. The interesting thing about this camera is that it breaks the mirrorless trend — taking a step back towards high-end compacts. Hopefully that step will correspond with a drop in price without much loss in quality.

According to Japanese website Digicame-info, the new Sony CyberShot DSC RX-100 will feature a 1″ CMOS sensor (same size as the Nikon 1 mirrorless) with 20.2 effective megapixels, a 3″ 1,229,000 dot LCD display, 30-108mm f/1.8-4.9 built-in lens, ISO range of 125-6400 (expandable to 25600), 1/2000 max shutter in manual and 1080p AVHD video.

(via Digicame-info via Photo Rumors)

New Sony Cyber-Shot Phone Packs 16 Megapixel Punch

The first phone to use the 16 megapixel Sony CMOS sensor announced at the beginning of the month has emerged, and it’s a Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot phone. The Cyber-shot S006 cellphone has a 16.2 megapixel sensor and ISO that goes up to 12,800, but it still has a camera-phone with its tiny lens rather than the phone-camera look adopted by the new Panasonic Lumix camera. Thus, though the S006 might pack 3 more megapixels than its Lumix counterpart, the 13.2 megapixel Lumix might end up delivering superior images. We’ll no doubt see extensive image quality tests when both these phones hit the market. The S006 arrives next spring.

(via Engadget)