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These Incredible Images of Smoke Took Three Months and 100,000 Photos to Capture


You probably wouldn’t think it, but capturing shapes in smoke is an incredibly difficult task. In fact, it took photographer Thomas Herbrich a full three months, over 100,000 photos and one dead camera to capture approximately 20 images he considered keepers for his Smoke series. Read more…

Shoot Rainbow Smoke Using Color Gels

Want to shoot photographs of rainbow-colored smoke? Just strap some color gels to your flash(es). Photographer Sean Wyatt used three snooted flashes with two colored gels on each flash to create a rainbow blend of color. He then used the setup to photograph smoke from burning incense sticks.
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Transform Smoke Photographs with a Dash of Color

Here’s a fun idea for a weekend project: take pictures of smoke, think about what they look like, and then add color during post-processing to transform them. Photographer Geoff Jansen noticed that one of his smoke photos looked like a rose, so he added some red and green and ended up with the photo seen above. It’s the second creative rose shot we’ve featured today.

Image credit: Smoke-11 by geoffjansenphoto and used with permission

Faking Smoke Photos with a Plastic Bag

In his series “Elastic” photographer Edi Yang shows that you can fake smoke photography by shooting plastic bags a certain way. What you need is a strong backlight and some post-processing mojo.
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A Spectacular Vortex Ring Collision

This amazing video clip shows the amazing collision of two vortex rings. Imagine the kind of smoke photographs you could make if you had this setup!

Anyone know how to reproduce this? Tell us in the comments!

(via Boing Boing)

On an unrelated note, did you know that the vortex ring gun is currently being developed?