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How to Get Magazine Quality Skateboard Photos with a ‘Light Camera Setup’

Taking high-quality, magazine-worthy skateboarding photos doesn’t have to involve you carting around tons of gear. Sure, it might be nice to have the lighting power, but as photographer Matt Price shows you in the How To video above, you can still get great results with only what’ll fit in an average camera bag. Read more…

Real Time Skateboarders Blended into Time-Lapse Footage

Upon first glance, Open Horizon by photographer and filmmaker Russell Houghten might look like a pretty ordinary video that shows time-lapse footage mixed with skateboarding videos. Take a closer look, however, and you start to realize somethings not quite right: the world is whizzing by as the skateboarders do their tricks. Houghten spend a great deal of time and effort rotoscoping his skateboarding scenes to show the skateboarders skating in real time while the world around them passes in time-lapse.

(via Fstoppers)

Paper People Skateboarding in Stop-Motion

Skateboardanimation” is a creative video by Tilles Singer that combines digital photographs, magazine cutouts, and recorded sound effects to show little paper people skateboarding across handmade landscapes. It’s about a minute long, and should be just enough to give you your daily dose of creativity.