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Use Your Tripod as a Makeshift Shoulder Rig for Stabilization

If you ever find yourself needing some quick stabilization when recording video with your DSLR, but don’t have a fancy rig with you (or you’re in a place where you can’t bring one), you can use an ordinary tripod as a makeshift shoulder rig for some extra stability.

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Image credit: Photograph by packman86 and used with permission

Wallet-Friendly Video DSLR Shoulder Rig

One major hitch when capturing video with a DSLR is that there aren’t many convenient or affordable options for stabilization tailored to DSLR gear. Jonathan Berqvist recruited the expertise of his father to create a wooden shoulder rig, but most people have to pay upwards of $300 to get a setup.

Habbycam now has a slightly more affordable SD Camera Brace, available for $250 from their website.

The rig weighs about three pounds and can support up to 20 pounds of gear, which makes it just about right for video DSLRs.

What’s especially notable about the SD Camera Brace is that the shoulder pad has special holes in them that can be used to mount weights, mics, and sound recorders. Again, a good fit for video DSLR shooters who probably won’t be using in-camera audio anyways.

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