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Crazy Footage Captured by Canon 5D Mark II Crash Cams Put in Harm’s Way

Here’s a short sizzle reel created by Vashi Nedomansky that shows various shots captured by Shane Hurlbut by using Canon 5D Mark II DSLRs as crash cams.

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Behind the Scenes on “The Last 3 Minutes”

Two weeks ago we featured the short film “The Last 3 Minutes” by cinematographer Shane Hurlbut, which showcased the potential of the Canon 5D Mark II for filmmaking.

Hurlbut’s team also created a behind the scenes look at how the amazing short was filmed, and gives a great glimpse into the unique blend of effort and creativity it requires.

If you haven’t watched “The Last 3 Minutes” yet, here’s a link to our original post.

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“The Last 3 Minutes” Showcases New Canon 5D Mark II 24p Capabilities

The Last 3 Minutes is a beautiful short film by cinematographer Shane Hurlbut, the cinematographer of Terminator Salvation. It was shot using the Canon 5D Mark II, and was sponsored by Canon to show off the latest firmware that enables 24p (frames per second) recording, giving it a “movie quality”. Filming spanned 17 locations across 4 1/2 days, and a wide assortment of Canon prime L lenses were used.

The present day portion of the film in the beginning was shot at 24p, while the flashbacks were filmed at 30p and converted to 24p in order to produce a dreamlike quality. You can read more about how the film was made on Hurlbut’s blog.

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