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National Geographic’s Senior Photo Editor On “What Photo Buyers Want”

A little over a month ago we featured an extended interview with long-time Newsweek Photo Editor Jamie Wellford. It was a longer video than we usually put up but very educational and well worth an hour of your time. And now Photoshelter has put together another long interview/webinar as part of their “What Photo Buyers Want” series, this one with National Geographic Senior Photo Editor Elizabeth Krist.

In the video, Photoshelter’s Allen Murabayashi goes in depth with Krist about the her background, NatGeo as a whole, and how the magazine goes about selecting from the many thousands of photo submissions they receive on a daily basis. If you’re into National Geographic photography and hope to maybe make a career of it some day, this is an hour of insight you won’t wanna miss.

What Photo Buyers Want: National Geographic’s Senior Photo Editor Elizabeth Krist (via The Click)

Insights into Photojournalism with Newsweek’s Senior Photo Editor

Quite a bit longer than most of the videos we put up, nevertheless, this insightful interview with Newsweek’s long-time Senior International Photo Editor, Jamie Wellford, is worth watching/listening to for any and all photojournalism enthusiasts. The topics of conversation cover everything from Wellford’s beginnings at Newsweek to why tragic events tend to yield the best photojournalism.

If you have the time, and you’re even remotely interested in the inner workings of photojournalism, then you won’t regret spending that time here.

(via PhotoShelter via The Click)