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Composite Self-Portrait Made Using 500 Photographs of One Face

Inspired by Noah Kalina’s viral everyday video a girl who goes by clickflashwhirr has been doing a similar self-portrait-a-day project. Designer Tiemen Rapati decided to make a composite image showing what the average of the self-portraits looks like. Taking 500 images from clickflashwhirr’s Flickr set, Rapati wrote a script that counts the individual RGB values for each pixel, averaging them across the 500 portraits.
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Crazy Photo Project: One Self-Portrait Every Hour, For an Entire Year

Daily photo projects have become quite popular as of late, and a number of viral time-lapse videos feature people who take one self-portrait a day over many years. However, if you think taking a photo every day requires a crazy amount of dedication, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

For an entire year, from April 11, 1980 through April 11, 1981, legendary performance artist Tehching Hsieh punched a time clock and took a self-portrait every hour (i.e. 24 times a day) on the hour. At the end of the year, he ended up with 8,760 photos and combined them into a time-lapse video showing the passing of a year (and the growth of his hair). Now that’s crazy!

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A Mirror Self-Portrait Taken 200 Miles Up

Here’s a photograph we’ve all taken… only in our bathroom mirror. NASA astronaut Michael Fincke shot this photograph with what looks like one of the Nikon DSLRs on board using a reflective-portion of the International Space Station. This means he shot a self-portrait roughly 200 miles above the ground while zipping around the planet at 17,000 mph.

Endeavour’s Final Mission (via Photojojo)

How to Look Good in Self-Portraits Using the Power of Angles

Samsung created this humorous ad a couple years ago teaching how you can take better self-portraits of yourself for social media profile pictures. It all has to do with harnessing the power of angles.

Start a Self Portrait per Day Project with New Everyday App

After Noah Kalina published his “Everyday” video back in 2006 featuring a self-portrait a taken every day for 2,356 days, the concept took off and soon the Internet was filled with copycat projects by people who wanted to document their own lives in the same way. If you’ve been wanting to try you hand at taking a photo of your face every day but have lacked the discipline to do so, there’s a new app for the iPhone called “Everyday” that is designed to make things easier for you.
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Self-Portrait in the Tip of a Ballpoint Pen Using a Modified Canon PowerShot

This crazy self-portrait was taken using the tiny reflection in the tip of a ballpoint pen. Russian photographer Alexey Arkhipov modified a Canon PowerShot S1 IS, adding a custom (and cheap) lens setup to achieve this super-macro shot. Head on over to his blog post if you’d like to learn how it was done and how to do this yourself (you might have to use Google Translate).

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