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Scream Activated Photo Booth Featured on the NBC Today Show

After a tour of the blogosphere last month, photographer Billy Hunt‘s scream activated photo booth the Screamotron3000 caught the attention of the folks over at NBC Today. This past Sunday Hunt went on national television to share the joy of scream photography.
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Scream Portraits Shot Using a Photo Booth Triggered by Sound

Screamotron3000 is a creative photo booth hacked together by photographer Billy Hunt, who writes,

The Screamotron3000 is an converted boom box that takes a photo when you scream. Think Rube Goldberg meets the Wizard of Oz. By using a machine, I hope to offer a window through the inherently artificial process of portraiture into real human emotion.

It’s a brilliant way to cause inner turmoil for his subjects. On one hand, a scream is needed to activate the camera, but on the other hand, subjects have a natural desire to look presentable in photos.
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