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ONA Partners with Charity: Water on a Camera Strap that Looks Good While Doing Good


ONA products are best known for their fashion-savvy looks and impressive build quality, but their latest product takes it one step further by doing some good while looking good. It’s called the Sahel, and it’s the result of a partnership between ONE and charity: water that will net the charity ‘part’ of the proceeds. Read more…

Scrub Location Data from Your Photos with Geotag Security

As photo-making devices become more and more location aware, many people unwittingly give up a lot of privacy by publishing location-tagged images online. If privacy is something you care about and you’d rather not broadcast location data along with your photography, a free Windows program called Geotag Security can help you scrub the geotag information from your pics. All you do is select a folder to scan, and the program will check the images within for location data and remove it.

Geotag Security (via Lifehacker)