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Rooftopping: What It’s Like to Photograph From the Top of a City


Rooftopping: we have all seen the dozens of media articles and blogs about this, so this one surely is not the first, it won’t be the last, and it is not going to be the best.
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Gutsy Photographer Captures His Own Feet Dangling Off High Ledges

For his project Life on the Edge, Detroit-based photographer Dennis Maitland seeks out high locations for vertigo-inducing shots of his feet dangling off the edges. Rather than use a remote shutter release, he captures all his photographs by hand. Once an acrophobe, Maitland now craves the adrenaline that comes from doing his photography.
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The Amazing “Rooftopping” Photography of Tom Ryaboi

Thrill-seeking photographer Tom Ryaboi is one of the pioneers of “rooftopping”, the practice of climbing to the tops of skyscrapers and shooting pictures off the edge. Photographers who participate in this new craze aim to visit the tops of every tall building in their city, capturing the incredible — and adrenaline-pumping — views that they afford.
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