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Create a Contact Sheet Portrait Using an Entire Roll of Film

Photographer Mario Zanaria created this contact sheet portrait of a model named Francesca by planning out each of the frames on a roll of film.

pianosequenza (via Photojojo)

Image credit: Photograph by Mario Zanaria and used with permission

Dude Finds Roll of Film Lost During New York Blizzard

Todd Bieber was skiing in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park after the recent blizzards when he stumbled upon a white canister of film hidden in the snow. He had the roll developed, and found photographs taken in the area documenting the blizzard — photographs that are quite good. He then decided to create this nicely narrated video in an attempt to locate the owner. If you recognize anyone in these images, you can contact Bieber via email.

Update: The roll of film was successfully returned to its owners, who lived in Paris.