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Slightly Disturbing Photos of Teddy Bears Turned Inside-Out


Brooklyn-based photographer Kent Rogowski recently turned the nightmares of many a child into a reality when he decided to create a somewhat disturbing photo series titled Bears.

For it, he took teddy bears, turned them inside out, and re-stuffed them to shine a different light on the comfort objects many of us spent so much time cuddling with at a young age.

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‘Dreamwalking Barcelona’ Goes Forward in Reverse with Artful Precision

Created by Brandon Li, Dreamwalking Barcelona is a beautifully shot video that takes us on the strange, backward journey of a young woman in Spain. As she walks forward through the world, the rest of the world moves backwards around her. Read more…

Creative Backwards Tour of a High School Campus in Taiwan

If you enjoyed that backwards stroll through Jerusalem we shared a few days ago, you’ve got to check out this backwards video created by high school students in Taiwan. It’s a four minute stroll through the school grounds at the National Miaoli Senior High School, with students doing all kinds of things that look awesome when reversed.

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A Mind-Bending Reversed Stroll Through Downtown Jerusalem, Shot In One Take

Messe Kopp sent us this awesome and mind-bending video he shot on the streets of Downtown Jerusalem. It it’s a backward-is-forward video that shows a man getting up from bed and taking a stroll down a city street, interacting with various people and objects along the way. The entire 2.5-minute video was shot in a single take.
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Reversed Footage of a Boy Walking Backwards

Dakota White and Andrew Hackbusch (AKA The Dash brothers) made this creative “backward world” short by reversing a single continuous shot of Dakota walking backwards.