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Reminder: Change the Clocks in Your Cameras for DST

Daylight saving time started this past Sunday. Unless you’ve been operating an hour off from those around you, you probably remembered to change the clocks around your home and in your car… but did you remember to change the clock in your camera?

Image credit: Reminded by kayakeverywhere

And7YearsAgram Emails You Instagram Memories From the Year Before

Instagram just celebrated its first birthday last week, and now early adopters have a new toy to play with: And7YearsAgram. It’s like Photojojo’s Photo Time Capsule, but for Instagram instead of Flickr. The service sends you a daily email with the photographs you captured on that day the year before, giving you a fun and visual glimpse of your past (and reminding you of how fast time flies).

And7YearsAgram (via Laughing Squid)