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Working Leica M3 Paper Pinhole Camera

Photographer Matthew Nicholson created this paper Leica M3 that’s a working pinhole camera. It’s loaded with 35mm film, and even the strap is realistic and made with paper!
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Photorealistic Faces Coming to a Video Game Near You

Inanimate objects in video games have long been quite realistic, but facial expressions on human characters haven’t been nearly as believable. For a new game called “L.A. Noire” by Rockstar Games, a newly developed piece of technology called MotionScan was used in which real actors are surrounded by a whopping 32 cameras to accurately document both their body motions and facial expressions. As you can see in the behind-the-scenes video above, human characters in video games are about to get a whole lot more realistic — we’re just about out of the uncanny valley.

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Unbelievably Realistic Camera Tour of a Computer Generated Classroom

If you were reading PetaPixel earlier this year, you probably remember the jaw-dropping CGI animation titled “The Third & The Seventh“. Here’s another extremely realistic and detailed computer-generated animation that simulates a camera traveling through a classroom (with lens flares and all). It was created by Israel-based Studio Aiko.

The scene was modeled using 3D Max and rendered with V-Ray, and was created over a period of 6 months.
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Cardboard Cameras by Kiel Johnson

Kiel Johnson is an American sculptor and painter that creates a lot of his work using cardboard. Among his works are a collection of cardboard cameras that are extremely realistic (given that they’re cardboard, of course). Now all he needs to do is team up with some brilliant engineer that can help him figure out how to have these awesome things actually make photos.
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