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LaCie’s Rugged RAID is an External HD That Protects Your Files with Two Drives


French computer company LaCie has announced a backup hard drive that’s perfect for photographers who want to make sure their data stays safe in the field. Called the Rugged RAID, the device is super durable and can protect your photos by mirroring the data across two drives.
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Upcoming CompactFlash Card to Feature RAID-Like Mirroring for Instant Backup


When it comes to data, redundancy is the best policy; backup, backup and backup again. This is doubly true where photos are involved, which is why professional photographers have gotten in the habit of keeping several external backups or using multiple cards for backup in DSLRs that support twin slots.

And now, Japanese company Amulet is hoping to add yet another layer of safety (and peace of mind) between you and the potential loss of your photos with its upcoming ‘Wise CF Card Duo.’ Read more…

Olympus Offices and Homes Raided in Accounting Scandal Investigation

Black-suited investigators raided and searched 20 different sites today over Olympus’ ongoing accounting scandal. Among the sites searched were the company’s headquarters, the office buildings of subsidiary companies, and the homes of executives involved in the fraud. The company is also looking to raise cash by issuing $1.3 billion in new shares. Sony, Fujifilm, Panasonic, Samsung, and Hoya have been named as companies who are potentially interested in snapping up a piece of Olympus.

Olympus offices, homes raided in accounting scandal [Reuters]

Police Raid in the UK Uncovers 20,000 Fake Camera Cases

Police in England recently raided a Bowdon house to find 22,000 fake camera cases worth an estimated £500,000.

Messenger Newspapers reports that the cases were branded as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Pentax and Kodak. A 40-year-old man at the residence was also taken into custody.

His downfall came when Canon discovered the counterfeit bags being sold online and conducted a number of “sting” purchases, passing on the information they discovered to authorities.

Something else that caught our eye about this story was that the police also discovered counterfeit camera lenses at the residence. All of us have obviously heard of fake bags before, but counterfeit lenses? I’d like to see one of those.

(via Imaging Insider)

Image credit: Camera case by Peter Hellberg