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Pivot Power Surge Protector Adapts to Fit All of Your Adaptor Needs

Here’s a cool little product worth mentioning that could save you time, headaches, and a few electrical shocks. The Quirky Pivot Power surge protector is a power strip with a twist — or as many twists as you want. Unlike normal power strips, this surge protector is flexible, allowing you to twist and bend it into whatever shape fits your work space and all of the DSLR battery chargers you have lying around. The $30 price tag definitely makes it more expensive than it’s straight edged brethren, but the convenience may just be worth it.

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Quirky Camera Head Photographs

Japanese photographer kiyoshimachine has a quirky set of photographs titled Monster67 that features people wearing the “67 Head”, a giant Pentax SLR.
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Zombie Attack Engagement Photos

Los Angeles-based photographer Amanda Rynda recently did an awesome engagement photo shoot with Juliana Park and Ben Lee, who wanted the photos to show them surviving a zombie attack. Needless to say, it turned out pretty epic.
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Pose: A Camera Case that Doubles as a Simple Stand

Pose is a camera case that doubles as a simple stand. Designed to replace the little bean bags or mini-tripods that many people carry around separately, Pose has an attachment mount built in, and can either be propped up by itself on flat surfaces or wrapped around poles and curved surfaces. The $24 accessory is available for pre-order over at quirky, and will be manufactured if at least 1,000 people join in.