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UltraPlate Gives Your Camera Two Tripod Mounting Points On the Cheap


About a month ago, we shared a Kickstarter for something called the Fusion Plate. The product made it easy to go from using a sling-style strap — something many photographers prefer to the traditional — to using a tripod without having to mess with screwing anything in.

The Fusion Plate has since far-surpassed its funding goal, but if you didn’t get a chance to buy one of those, or if the $65 price tag was just a little out of reach, the folks at JOBY have announced a more affordable alternative. Read more…

Xume Quick Release Adapter Takes the Pain Out of Changing Filters

Tired of having to screw lens filters on and off? The Xume Quick Release Adapter is a new filter mounting system that turns your screw-on filters into snap-on ones. It uses powerful rare earth magnets, and consists of an adapter for your lens and a holder for each of your filters. People who use a single UV filter for protection might not benefit much from this system, but if you constantly find yourself switching between different filters then this adapter could take a lot of pain out of the process. They’ve only released a 77mm adapter so far, with the adapter priced at $33 and the holder priced at $12.

Xume: Filter Mounting System (via Xatakafoto)