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Puppy POV: This is the Kind of Joyous Footage You Can Expect Out of GoPro’s ‘Fetch’ Mount for Dogs

A little over a week ago, GoPro announced its first dedicated dog camera mount, and we’ll be honest… we were kind of surprised at how excited everybody got about it. Surprised, that is, until we saw the video above. Because if this is the kind of smile-inducing footage you can expect from a fetch mount, then sign us right up!
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Ten-Month-Old and Rescued Pup Make for an Adorable Portrait Duo


Two of the most aww-worthy creatures on this planet are infants and puppies. So, naturally, when you combine the two, you get one of the most adorable photo series in the known universe. Read more…

Adorable Photos Document the Growth of a Little Girl and Her Four-Legged Sibling


Following up with the puppy-love from yesterday, today we have a collection of photographs from Michigan-based photographer Rebecca Leimbach, documenting the growth of her children; one two-legged, one four-legged. Read more…

Dogs Shaking Off Water, Captured in Super Slow Motion

We first shared photographer Carli Davidson’s ridiculously cute SHAKE series back in 2011 before it had gone quite so viral. This week, her high-speed photographs of dogs making hilarious faces while shaking off water have been released in book form, accompanied by the above super slow motion video of the puppies in action. Read more…

Portraits of Pound Dogs Most in Danger of Being Put Down

LaNola Kathleen Stone is a New York City-based professional photographer and dog lover who uses her talents and free time for a very heartwarming cause: Stone visits the dog pound near her home and specifically asks to shoot portraits of the dogs that are the “least likely to be adopted”, some of which have been there for over half a year and are likely in danger of being put down.
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Time Lapse of a German Shepard from Puppy to Adult

There’s plenty of time lapse projects documenting the passage of time and the process of aging with human portraits, but how about with animals? This video going viral on the Interwebs right now was creating by making a photo a day of Dunder, a German Shepherd, and shows him growing from an 8 week old puppy to a 1 year old adult. If you have a pet, this concept could be a fun project for getting it involved in your photography!