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Another One Bites the Dust: Kodak to Scratch Consumer Printers From Roster

Kodak divisions are falling left and right as the company struggles to claw its way out of bankruptcy protection. After killing off its camera business and selling off its film business earlier this year, Kodak announced today that it will shortly be pulling out of the consumer printing business in order to focus on commercial printing.
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Kodak May Leave Photography to Focus On Printing, Film Business Still Profitable

Bloomberg writes that Kodak’s bankruptcy announcement yesterday was simply another step in CEO Antonio Perez’s grand plan to sell off the company’s photography divisions and patents in order to focus on selling digital printers and ink. At the same time, the company has been quick to reaffirm its dedication to producing film. Kodak marketing director Audrey Jonckheer was quoted by BJP today as saying,

Film (still and cinema) remains a profitable business for Kodak, and we have the broadest and most respected portfolio of films in both segments. We have taken steps to sustain the business as it has declined, and we know that there are hundreds of passionate fans of film for the artistic and quality reasons they cite. We remain committed to make film as long as there is profitable demand for it. And as I noted, it is still profitable.

That’s definitely good news for film photography lovers. Want film to survive? Just keep buying it, and hope other shooters do the same!

Kodak Bankruptcy May Get Out of Photography, Make Bet on Digital Printing [Bloomberg]

Image credit: Grama’s photo emerging from the Kodak printer at Target by Scorpions and Centaurs

CES 2010 Pre-Game News Roundup

The Consumer Electronics Show hasn’t even officially begun, but product announcements and press releases are already flying around.

There are plenty of new, amazing, and often routinely updated camera features, point-and-shoots, and swanky add-ons like the upgraded Eye-Fi 8GB Pro X2. In addition to our regular content, we’ll be discussing some of the gear on PetaPixel and sharing noteworthy photo-related news links over the next few days as CES kicks off.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HXV5 has GPS Feature

Sony’s got an interesting concept: the Cyber-shot DSC-HX5V features a built-in GPS and compass, on top of the included Sony G 25mm-equivalent lens, 10x optical zoom, and a 10-megapixel back-illuminated CMOS sensor, a full HD video mode, and 10fps. Impressive. However, for consumers who already have a functioning GPS system or a smart phone, GPS as a camera feature seems a bit redundant.

Read the Sony release here.

Sony starts new line of SD memory

Sony made a surprising announcement that they are to produce a new line of SD memory cards. In the press release, Sony claims the inclusion of SD technology in more products, along with manufacturing Sony branded cards will “compliment Sony’s existing Memory Stick line, satisfying the needs of a broader range of users.”

Read the release here.

Kodak and Canon release Wi-Fi enabled printers paired with Apps

Kodak’s new ESP 6150/ESP7250 models (ESP 7250 shown on left) are compatible with the Kodak Pic flick application which allows smartphone users to print images directly.

Canon multifunction printers (Pixma MX870 on right) also utilize the new Easy-PhotoPrint EX application for the Apple iPhone.

Read more on Kodak and Canon printers.

LaCie’s WhizKey and CooKey modern USB design

While not directly photo-related, the new LaCie key-shaped USB defices are worth a second look. LaCie came out with the innovative design last year, but jazzed the 2010 with faster transfer rates and a more durable handle.

Take a look here.

More cool news and products:

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