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From Bump to Buzz: Pregnancy Timelapse Turned Into a Creative Music Video

Talented singer-songwriter Tom Fletcher recently teamed up with his wife Giovanna to create an awesome time-lapse music video, taking advantage of the fact that she just happen to be growing a small human being. Read more…

Pro Ballerina Dances Her Way Through Her Pregnancy in ‘Ballet Beautiful’ Photos


Creative women the world over have been documenting their pregnancies in, well, creative ways for a long time now. From stop-motion time-lapses to funny photo series we’ve seen some interesting things, but we’ve never seen this. This being a professional ballerina who continued dancing right up until she was about to pop. Read more…

Nine Months in Two Minutes: A Creative Stop-Motion Pregnancy Time-Lapse

There’s nothing boring about the miracle of life. Growing somebody inside you in nine months is undeniably miraculous, but watching it happen in real time would make for a very long video. That’s why the photographically inclined often choose to document the life creation process using some form of time-lapse photography. Read more…

Baby Boomer: A Clever Idea for Capturing a Pregnancy in Photos

When Quebec-based photographer Patrice Laroche and Sandra Denis found out they were to become parents, Larouche came up with a funny and clever way of documenting the 9-month journey of pregnancy. The photo project involved paying a visit to a local gas station at various points throughout the process, snapping photos to show exactly how their daughter Justine came into the world.
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9 Months of Pregnancy, 1000 Photos, and a 4-Minute Stop-Motion Story

When his wife Osher became pregnant with their first child, photographer Tomer Grencel had the idea of documenting the pregnancy through a stop-motion video. Over the next 9 months, he snapped 1000 photographs at different points and with different creative concepts. After his daughter Emma entered the world, he spent a month combining the images into a single stop-motion animation that tells the story of Emma’s journey from the womb into the world..
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Creative Time-Lapse Video Documenting a Pregnancy

Here’s a short one minute time-lapse video that took nine months to create. It creatively documents a pregnancy and announces a new baby girl. We shared a very similar one last year.

Creative Stop-Motion Video Announcing a New Baby

Here’s a super-awesome way of using stop-motion photography to announce the birth of a new baby.

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