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Looking into the Future: Whose Camera Will I Buy in 2018?


I’m not really sure why, but if you want to watch the Fanboys go completely insane, the simplest thing to do it is throw out “your brand is probably going to be out of business in a few years.” But the simple reality is that’s what happens to most companies eventually, especially technology companies. Photography companies, since, oh, about 1850, have basically been technology companies.
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Japanese Magazine Predictions for Canon and Nikon Camera Launches in 2013


In the latest issue of Japanese magazine Impress, there’s a two-page section that predicts the new DSLRs that Canon and Nikon will be unleashing in this upcoming year. Alongside each model name, design illustration, and spec list is a percentage that indicates the likelihood of the rumor coming true.
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Nikon May Combine D300s/D7000 Lines in 2013, Unleash New High-MP DSLR

What does Nikon have up its sleeve for 2013? According to Nikon Rumors, it may be at least one pro-sumer DSLR early in the year, possibly followed by a beastly high-megapixel flagship DSLR later in the fall.
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How Wearable “Sousveillance” Cameras Will Transform Our Society

Have you heard of the term sousveillance? It’s the inverse of surveillance: instead of a camera pointed at individuals, individuals wear their own cameras on themselves to document their activities. Wearable-camera pioneer Steve Mann has written a fascinating piece for Time, titled “Eye Am a Camera: Surveillance and Sousveillance in the Glassage“, in which he offers his vision of what the future will look like once wearable cameras such as Google Glass (seen above) become ubiquitous.
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Kodak Isn’t Doing So Hot These Days

What you see here is the history of Kodak stock starting from 1978. In the mid-1990s the stock peaked at over $90 per share, but has experienced a slow demise since then, and is currently at $3.70 a share. What’s more, the company just announced yesterday that profits fell a staggering 95% in the fourth quarter of 2010. During that quarter the company earned just $22 million, compared to the $443 million it earned during the same period a year earlier.

Acquisition rumors have been swirling around for quite some time now as the stock continues its free fall. Any predictions on what will become of this once-great company?

Kodak profit plunges 95%; sales fall short (via Photo Rumors)

Update: Kodak still sees a “big silver lining” amidst all this bad news.

Canon 60D and Nikon D3100 Rumors Heating Up, Release Imminent

With Photokina 2010 just around the corner, rumors regarding soon-to-be-announced DSLR cameras from Canon and Nikon are swirling around the blogosphere, and certain facts about the cameras seem to be getting clearer.

Canon 60D

A source tells me that Canon will be showing off a few new cameras at private events on August 30th and 31st. This fits nicely with the rumor that Canon will be unveiling the 60D at a press event on August 26th. My guess is that the 60D will be announced at a press event by the end of this month, and that the Canon 1Ds Mark IV will be unveiled late September.

The 60D is rumored to be a 18 megapixel camera with a tilt-screen and heavy emphasis on video recording.

The source also stated that we will be seeing a S90 replacement and possibly a G11 replacement as well.

Nikon D3100

According to Nikon Rumors, this camera is already listed in the Best Buy inventory system, with the SKU 1222817 and the title “Nikon D3100 DSLR w/ 18-55mm v”. They also report that the camera will be announced August 19th, exactly one week before Canon’s event.

The D3100 is rumored to be a 14 megapixel camera with continuous autofocus during video recording and 3fps for still frames.

Other Gear

Aside from the tilt-screen rumor, there doesn’t seem to be too much that’s groundbreaking about these upcoming announcements. However, Canon Rumors received a tip saying that the upcoming PowerShot will be “revolutionary”.

That seems a lot more interesting to us. We’ll update you if we hear more about this, but we’ll probably know everything within the next few weeks.

Photography Predictions from 20 Years Ago

Google Groups hosts an archive of Usenet discussions from as far back as 1981. These discussions often provide an interesting glimpse at the state of the world and what was considered “state of the art”.

On December 18, 1990, someone named Carl Madson started a discussion titled “Future of Photography..?” Here are some of the thoughts and questions he posed:

Seeing as how 2001 is just a little over a decade away, I was wondering what our resident sages/crazy people thought might be happening in the realm of photography/imaging/etc.(?) in ten years (and the intervening period).

Will film still be popular? What percent of consumers, and serious shooters, will be using electronic imaging devices instead, and will we ‘lose’ many folks to video cameras? Will home imaging (/editing/printing/..) computers be commonplace?

Will darkroomers gradually transition from chemicals to electronics, will there be a mix, or ? Only a small set of darkroomers for fine-art photography? Will regulations put an opressive damper on the use of chemicals at home?

How about ethical issues? The manipulation of ‘truth’ via imaging techniques? Showing the world as it really is, vs. making it look better than it is? And the ever-popular censorship issue?

Some of the responses are pretty funny when considering today’s technology, while other predictions seemed to be spot-on:

Right now, 1 Megabyte of memory costs about $45 retail. This will not drop by an order of magnitude in the next decade without a breakthrough, or an economical Gallium-Arsenide process to replace Silicon. […]

At-home image manipulation can become as popular as home tape recording was in the 60’s. Many people will have access to computers that can accept a digital image processing board. There could be a new kind of mini-lab that could handle that medium.

I think that electronic cameras will break into the “point and shoot” market. Their ease of use and quick turnaround are very appealing to snapshooters. Film will still be popular, probably as popular as now or more so. Computer imaging still doesn’t hold a candle to good ol’ silver halides for resolution and color. Some computer scanners do a damn good job, but CCD’s? Not anytime in the near future.

Home editing will be very popular among the snapshooters with their CCD still cameras. Don’t want ugly uncle Bob draining that beer in the background? No problem! A few keystrokes and it’s bye-bye Bob! Auto color-balancing will be handy. People could experiment with toning without all those harsh chemicals. More snapshooters could experience the wonder of black and white. It would be very easy to convert a color picture to black and white. Another keystroke (or maybe keys will be obsolete?) and the print could be sepia toned, for that high-tech old-fashioned look. […]

The old-fashioned silver photography will probably be used, and then transferred to computer via scanners. (I’ve done this myself, actually.) This way editing can be done by computer on those awful, inflexible prints before publication. […]

CCD photos will certainly be impossible to use for documentation. It’s just too damn easy to manipulate them! The theory that a photo constitutes proof has already begun to erode. This will merely help the process along.

To read more of this discussion, check out the entire thread (54 posts) on Google Groups.

Now, my questions is this: what are your predictions for what photography will be like in 2021?

(via Reddit)

Image credit: timepiece prime time clock closeup watch by zoutedrop

PetaPixel’s Followers Fold Their Underwear

Social recommendation engine Hunch has a new Twitter Followers Tool that can analyze a Twitter account’s followers and make predictions to what they would answer for certain questions.

For an account to be analyzed, it needs to be “famous”, which Hunch defines as having more than 1,000 followers. We had PetaPixel analyzed and received a gigantic list of predicted answers. Here’s a selection:

  • Word Association: I say photo, you say: Flickr
  • When the traffic light turns yellow, are you more naturally inclined to: Brake quickly
  • Do you fold your underwear? Yes
  • Do you have a blog or keep a personal website? Yes
  • If you suddenly became independently wealthy, in one year do you think you’d:
    Still be doing the same type of work I do now
  • Do you think John Travolta is a good actor? No
  • When waiting in the slowest of three lines, will you dart to another line to save a minute? Nah, what’s the rush?
  • Can art change the world? Yes
  • Are you a Mac person or a PC person? Mac
  • Do you think Microsoft has made the world a better place? No
  • Do you think name brand products are usually of higher quality than generic versions? Yes, the brands invest in products and have a reputation to maintain
  • If the opportunity presented itself in a safe environment, would you volunteer to be Tasered, to see what it feels like? Get real, no
  • Do you consider yourself an environmentalist? Yes
  • Do you have an iPhone? Yes
  • Do you enjoy shopping for clothes? No
  • Are you male or female? Male

It’s interesting that many of these questions are actually things we’ve asked in our polls. Maybe in the future we’ll run a “Do you fold your underwear?” poll.

Do these predicted answers describe you well?