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How to Recreate the Look of Instagram Filters with Vintage Cameras and Films

Instagram’s filters are meant to mimic the look of vintage and toy cameras, but have you ever wondered which cameras and films you’d need to make analog photos with the same look? The folks over at 1000memories decided to tackle this question and, after a good amount of research, came up with a neat infographic showing the different camera and film combinations you can use to recreate popular Instagram filters.
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Give Your Room a Beautiful Skyline View Using an Ordinary Printer

After moving into their new dorm room, Caleb Ungewitter and his roommate Kyle decided that their walls looked too empty, so they decided to decorate it with a photo. Not just any photo, mind you, but a gigantic do-it-yourself print of a beautiful city skyline. Using a free program called The Rasterbator, they converted the photograph into 152 separate frames, which they printed out themselves and attached to the wall in a grid.
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Basics of Photography Cheat Sheet

Here’s a beautifully designed cheat sheet by Miguel Yatco that you can use to introduce people to the fundamental concepts in photography. You can also order it as a poster for your wall over on Zazzle.

Manual Photography Cheat Sheet (via Laughing Squid)

A Camera Study by Mari Sheibley

Here’s a beautiful illustration titled “A Camera Study” by Mari Sheibley, the lead designer over at Foursquare and the person behind the badges. I think this would be awesome as a poster.

A Camera Study (via Laughing Squid)

28 Drawings of Vintage Camera Models from Days Gone By

28 Camera Drawings is a beautiful drawing by Christine Berrie that features 28 different old-school cameras. It’s available as a limited-edition 14”x11” print over on 20×200 for $50.

28 Camera Drawings (via swissmiss)

Instant Rainbow Poster for Polaroid Fans

“Instant Rainbow” is a beautiful poster for Polaroid fans by Yumalum. You can buy one for $55 through Etsy.

(via swissmiss)

A Beautiful Way to Show Off Your Film Camera Collection

What’s more beautiful: Hilda Grahnat‘s collection of film cameras, or the way she photographed and arranged them? Either way, we think this would make an awesome poster for any wall.

(via KEH Blog)

Image credit: .5571 by hildagrahnat and used with permission

Periodic Table of Photography Lists the Elements of Making Photos

PhotoWeeklyOnline came up with this awesomely geeky periodic table of photography elements. You can also view a larger JPG version, or download a high-res PDF to print the thing out for your wall.

Adobe Photoshop CS4 in the Age of Floppy Disks

If we were still living in the age of floppy disks, what would installing something like Adobe Photoshop CS4 be like? antrepo did the math, and figured out that it would take a whopping 358 disks. They’re also making a poster set that includes other programs as well (e.g. 1760 disks for The Sims 3).

(via Photojojo)

Facebook Friend Profile Photos on Your Real Life Wall

The Friend Poster is a fun product product offered by grad student Benjamin Lotan through his new website PrintingFacebook. For $20, you’ll receive a 20 x 40 inch high-quality poster with thumbnails of the profile pictures of all your friends (works best for 200 to 2,200 friends). What’s neat is that the posters are created using a traditional photographic print process:

We use Fuji Crystal Archive photo paper in a RA-4 photochemical process. This means that we use a high-quality professional grade paper with real weight, it will not rip or fold easily. Because we expose your poster on to this paper and develop it in traditional photo chemicals, your print will have a richer image quality than any ink-jet printer process.

This product has been mentioned in quite a few places on the web today, so we’re not exactly sure how Lotan plans to fulfill all the orders, but the website is still accepting orders. Whether or not Facebook sends Lotan a cease-and-desist over the domain name or design that he picked is another story…

The Friend Poster (via Laughing Squid)