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Olympus Shifting Focus Away From P&S Cameras, Kills Off Budget Lineup


Shoppers will soon have a tough time trying to pick up a cheap Olympus point-and-shoot compact camera. The company has said it is planning to do away with its V lineup of low-cost compact cameras, priced just under $200 at various retailers.

The move comes as the company anticipates a steep decline in its camera business, with forecasted digital camera sales this fiscal year expected to be about 2.7 million units, down from 5.1 million units last year. Olympus president Hiroyuki Sasa has put the financial loss from its camera business at about $225 million.
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PMA 2010: Sneak Peek Impressions

I’m down in sunny Anaheim, California at the Photo Marketing Association (PMA) 2010 Sneak Peek.

PMA is an international photo trade association, encompassing companies from all aspects of the photo industry, from camera manufacturers, printers, photo processors, papers, software and displays.

The PMA trade show officially kicks off tonight at 5pm, and the exhibition doors open tomorrow morning at 10:30 here at the Anaheim Convention Center, but already, there is a ton of awesome new products worth a look.

Just to give a taste of some products and news we’ll feature over the next few days, here are some highlights:

  • The trend in this years point-and-shoot cameras: waterproof, durable, touch-screen, and retro styles.
  • A vast new line from Fujifilm including a 3D handheld point-and-shoot and a medium format camera.
  • A preview of Sigma’s 2010 line of lenses for full frame cameras.
  • ThinkTank Photo showcased some exciting new products, including the Hydrophobia 70-200 rain cover (pictured below) and the Retrospective soft-sided camera and lens shoulder bags.

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