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PocketWizard Launches PlusX: An Entry-Level, Auto-Sensing $99 Radio Trigger


PocketWizard has just added an affordable entry-level radio trigger to its Plus lineup that will hit shelves with a price tag under $100. It’s the PlusX, an “Auto-Sensing Transceiver” that will allow photo enthusiasts to jump into the world of off-camera flash and remote camera triggering without breaking the bank.
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Independent Filmmaker Becomes Last to Use Kodak Plus-X Film

Perhaps sadder than the moment when a company officially discontinues a film is the moment when the last of that film is used, and that’s what has just happen to Kodak’s famous Plus-X 5231 movie film. Plus-X was discontinued a couple of years ago, and according to the LA Daily News, independent filmmaker Paul Bunnell’s “The Ghastly Love of Johnny X” will be the last feature shot using the film. A film that for many years was a favorite of black and white cinematographers everywhere. Read more…