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Creative Portraits of Children Going About their Active Lives Underwater


Photographer Alix Martinez has been shooting a very creative ongoing series of underwater portraits with the help of some brave and equally creative children. Blurring the line between fine art and conceptual, the images show children performing daily activities in the unknown abyss… alright, alright… it’s just a pool… but I prefer unknown abyss. Read more…

Heartwarming Time-Lapse Shows a Day of Play Between Father and Son

Emio Tomeoni often plays with his toddler son Xavier while his wife Stephanie is at work, due to her often irregular hours. Recently, he decided that instead of simply telling his wife what transpired over the course of a day, he would show her through pictures — many, many pictures.

Tomeoni set up a camera in the corner of his living room and created a time-lapse video of a day of their play, showing himself and Xavier moving about the room, tinkering with different toys and structures, and enjoying hours of loving merrymaking.
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Time-Lapse of a Baby Playing with Toys

What does four hours of a toddler playing look like when compressed into 2.5 minutes? Photographer Francis Vachon found out by creating this neat time-lapse video of his 9-month-old son Charles-Edward playing in the dining room. It’s a fun idea for a photo project to try if you have a toddler of your own causing chaos in your house.

(via Reddit)