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Aviary Photo Editor Launches Full-Blown Android and iOS Apps

Aviary — the online photo editor that replaced Picnik as the official editor for Flickr — is expanding their scope by releasing an Android and iOS app. Up until now iOS users had no Aviary to speak of and Android users had only a “plugin,” but as of yesterday, full-blown apps for both operating systems are available in the iTunes App store and Google Play.

The new app will offer many of the same features you would find in the mobile Photoshop Express or iPhoto: you’ll be able to crop, rotate, add text, sharpen, blur, add preset effects, one-tap enhance and the list goes on. You can also rearrange all of those tools to your liking, so that they better fit the order you would use them in. And when you consider the fact that Aviary sells for the low low price of “free,” there’s really no reason iPhone and Android users shouldn’t go pick it up and give it a shot.

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Google to Shutter Its Photo Editor Picnik

To keep itself lean and focused, Google is planning to do some spring cleaning and shut down a number of non-critical projects and services that don’t attract enough attention to keep alive. One of the services marked for termination is Picnik, the online photo editor that Google acquired back in 2010. The service will remain online until April 19, after which the team will be folded into the Google+ team.

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Doxie Scans Photo Prints Directly to Flickr

Doxie is a portable, USB-powered scanner for scanning things on the go. It scans documents and photographs at 600dpi in JPEG or PNG, and has the ability to scan directly to the cloud, sending your files to a large number of web apps. What’s neat is that in addition to documents, photographers can use it to easily scan and then share their prints online:

Scan and share your photos in brilliant color. Doxie automatically straightens and crops your paper photos, then drops them right into iPhoto, Picasa, or Lightroom – just like a digital camera. Put in your favorite photos – Doxie keeps up with fast, stunningly crisp scanning. And Doxie can post your photos directly to Flickr and Picnik, for instant sharing and easy editing.

Weighing in at about half a pound, it’s light enough to be carried around with your laptop if scanning is something you need to do often. Doxie costs $129, and can be ordered directly from the official website.

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Google Buys Flickr’s Photo Editor, Picnik

If you’ve ever edited your Flickr photographs using the default image editor provided by Flickr, then you’ve used the web-based image editing software developed by Picnik.

Whenever you click the “Edit Photo” button above one of your photographs, it opens up the image in the Picnik editor.

Well, Picnik announced today on its blog that it has been acquired by Google. There aren’t many details available regarding the acquisition itself, but the web is abuzz now with speculation as to what Flickr will do.

Thomas Hawk suggests today’s purchase may signal that Google is trying to dethrone Flickr as image-sharing king of the web:

What else makes me think this? Google Buzz. While I consider Flickr superior in a lot of ways to Picasa today, the biggest advantage that Flickr has always held over their competitors is how strong a grip they’ve had on the social aspect of photo sharing. But now that Buzz has arrived on the scene (and your Buzz photos go into Picasa albums by default by the way), it would appear that Google finally has a viable social network to compete with Flickr’s own internal social network inside of Flickr. By combining the social power of buzz, with an enhanced version of Picasa, Google could mount a formidable competing offering to Yahoo’s Flickr.

It’s interesting that Flickr let Picnik slip into Google’s hands after partnering with them for so long.

What do you think today’s news means for Google’s Picasa and for Yahoo’s Flickr?