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Photoshop Mobile Now Embeddable in Third Party Android Apps

Adobe has just announced that the Mobile application is now available to third-party developers to integrate into their own applications.

[…] take for example a “sell-your-home-fast” application that allowed you to upload pictures and descriptions of your home to some web site that will advertise your home to millions of people all over the planet. Now imagine that this “sell-your-home-fast” application allowed you to not only snap and upload pictures – but also edit those pictures so that your home looks its very, very best. Well now that scenario is possible – all the “sell-your-home-fast” developer needs to do is use standard Android APIs to incorporate the Mobile editor into their application.

By doing this, Adobe is trying to assert its software as the de facto standard for mobile image editing, allowing it to have a bigger control over things like interoperability and file types. It’s a lesson well learned from Adobe Acrobat and the PDF.