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Model from Target Photoshop Fail Makes Light of the Blunder on Ellen

The Target Photoshop blunder last month attracted a LOT of bad press for the company. Target was called out in a big way, they had to come out and apologize to the public, and we doubt they’ll ever shop out their Photoshop work en masse for cheap again.

But one questions not a lot of people asked was “how does the model feel about this?” Read more…

Vogue Photoshop Fail Leads to ‘Kanye is a Vampire’ Memes


Let’s play a little game of “I Spy.” This time, it’s going to involve a suspicious-looking photo of the #worldsmosttalkedaboutcouple, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Read more…

Target Apologizes for Photoshop Goof Up, Still Dealing with Thigh Gap Fallout


Target has officially come out to apologize after an embarrassing and very public post-processing mistake has left the company dealing with a PR nightmare. But for many, the apology isn’t enough. What the general public is asking is “why?” Read more…

Embarrassing Target Photoshop Fail Looks Like it Was Done in Paint… by a 5-Year-Old


This might be the worst Photoshopping we’ve ever seen… maybe even worse than the floating inspectors from China. Because while usually the Photoshop goof-ups pointed out by websites like Jezebel aren’t all that horrific (as the Lena Dunham debacle pointed out), in this case, they hit the mother load. Read more…

China is Investing in Photoshop Research After Too Many Embarrassing Experiences


After experiencing one too many embarrassing, high-profile Photoshop disasters, China is turning its research focus on image-editing software, although not in the way you might think. Read more…

Miranda Kerr Feels the Internet’s Wrath for Posting Photoshopped Pic to Instagram


Victoria’s Secret model, mother, and wife to Hollywood star Orlando Bloom (for now… I’m still hopeful) Miranda Kerr landed in some seriously hot water with the Internet-at-large recently after posting a clearly Photoshopped photograph of herself to her Instagram account. Read more…

Photoshop Fail Leaves Girl with an Extra Eye in Official Class Portrait

A Swedish photography company called Skolfoto Norden received some embarrassing press this week after a girl discovered that she had three eyes in the official class portrait it shot.
Read more…

Is the “Missing Arm” on Russia’s August Vogue Cover Photoshop or Photo Angle?

There’s a question floating around the internet regarding the August cover of the magazine Vogue in Russia. Because of either a poor angle on the shot or an unfortunate Photoshop mishap, model Natasha Poly looks as if one of her hands doesn’t come attached to the rest of her. Read more…

Chinese Government Goofs Again With a ‘Floating Inspectors’ Photoshop Fail

Chinese government officials never seem to learn. If you’ve been following us for a while, you may remember the Chinese government’s Photoshop fail from last year, where three officials were supposedly inspecting a road, but instead looked more like they were floating above it. And on May 9th five more government inspectors were immortalized floating around, this time inspecting a park.
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Why You Should Check All Your Layers Before Saving For Web

Here’s a Photoshop protip: before saving a final version of a photo for publishing on the web, make sure all the layers you want in the image are actually visible. Apparently some Photoshopper working for JCrew got careless with his layers, which led to the above catalog photo showing a model with transparent hair (in fact, the hair appeared by itself in a separate photo). The catalog entry has since been fixed, with the invisible-haired woman replaced with a boring photo of a blue blazer.

(via PSDisasters via Neatorama)