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Rankin Documents Photo Shoot Using 15 Autographer Wearable Cameras


One of the big emerging ideas in the camera world is the idea of wearable cameras that automatically capture your memories for you. Memoto is the wearable camera project that caused the biggest splash in 2012, but a month before it was announced, there was another camera that made a quieter entrance. It was the Autographer, a camera shaped like a pack of gum that uses a number of different sensors to intelligently snap photos during interesting moments in your life.

To demonstrate its potential for documenting life’s memories, the company asked renowned photographer Rankin to document a photo shoot using its prototype cameras.
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Faking It: The Difference Between Reality and an Airbrushed Finish

We hear it all the time: magazine covers aren’t real. These models and celebrities are made up, photographed by professionals and, most infamously, airbrushed to perfection. But there’s a big difference between hearing about it, and watching it happen with your own two eyes.

In this video, UK DJ Goldierocks plays guinea pig to show you what all goes into creating a magazine-worthy model shot — from hair and makeup to an artificially constructed waistline. Read more…

Internet Slams Model for Using Hurricane Sandy Wreckage for Photo Shoot

A Brazilian model named Nana Gouvea is the latest person to feel the scorn of the Internet. After Hurricane Sandy plowed through New York City this past week, Gouvea decided that the wreckage presented the perfect opportunity to further her career. Going out into the devastation with her husband as a photographer, she posed for a photo shoot amidst downed trees and smashed cars. She then shared the resulting portraits through her Facebook page.

Needless to say, people didn’t respond very positively to the pictures. They quickly went viral, but in a bad way.
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All the Unedited Photos from a Portrait Session in One Minute

Here’s an interesting way to provide a behind-the-scenes look at how a portrait shoot was done. After photographing British comedian Frank Skinner, UK-based photographer Harry Borden took all the unedited photos from the shoot and turned them into a one-minute time-lapse movie. The resulting short film is a glimpse into how a session progressed from one pose to another, and the different ideas that were tried.
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Behind The Scenes at a Photo Shoot for Vater Drum Sticks

Here’s a cool video showing what went on behind the scenes when photographer Sasha Leahovcenco was asked to shoot a drum stick ad for Vater Percussion. His subject was drummer Mike Johnston and everything from his choice of venue to the ideas that led to the final two shots make for an awesome ad. In fact rock band photographers may want to store this away for future reference, especially the main ad shot with all the drum sticks, which was created using only natural light.

(via Fstoppers)

Behind the Scenes at a Paralympic Photo Shoot

Capturing photos of our Olympic and Paralympic athletes is an important job that no photographer takes lightly — after all, we’ve all seen the kind of firestorm that can result from not doing it well. So when Benjamin Von Wong had the opportunity to photograph Olympic Para Dressage Rider Natasha Baker, he made sure to do it right.

This behind the scenes video shows how he went about planning, lighting and executing the three shots that he was after. Fortunately, all the work seems to have paid off: the final three images capture three unique (and uniquely great) sides to Natasha Baker and the sport she competes in at the world class level.

(via N-Photo)

Photo Shoot of Andy Samberg Portraying Several Iconic Tennis Champions

It wouldn’t be the weekend without a behind the scenes look at a photo shoot, and if we can also inject a little bit of humor into it, well, in that case everyone wins. This behind the scenes comes courtesy of The New York Times and an assignment they gave to legendary sports photographer Walter Iooss Jr. The assignment was to shoot comedian Andy Samberg as several of tennis’ most iconic champions in poses they themselves were famous for.

As you can imagine their time at the studio was pretty fun, and it’s sometimes quite shocking how much like these tennis champs they made Samberg look. There’s not too much in way of educational content here, but there’s plenty to enjoy… so go enjoy!

Magazine: Andy Samberg Prepares for His Matchups (via ISO1200)

Behind the Scenes at a McDonald’s Burger Photo Shoot

Ever notice how food at McDonald’s never looks like the ones pictured in advertisements? Here’s a behind-the-scenes video that offers a look at how McDonald’s burgers are photographed.

Shoot Surfing Photos on Dry Land with a Tarp and Skateboard

Here’s a neat idea for a photo shoot: tarp surfing. This involves faking the look of surfing photographs using a giant blue tarp and a skateboarder riding across it. Have someone pull the tarp over the skateboarder and photograph him riding through the tube.
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Behind the Scenes on a Photo Shoot with Tango Dancers

This behind-the-scenes video shows Montreal-based photographer Von Wong doing a photo shoot with a tango dancing duo. The shoot was spontaneous, with none of the locations preplanned, which gave Wong the opportunity to explore the environment.

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