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Photo Projects That Made For A Better 2013

Acknowledging the photo projects of 2013 that stand testament to the power of the still image

Dec 13, 2013 · Sarah Jacobs

A Great Collection of Photo Craft Ideas by Kodak

Kodak’s website has a “Create” section stocked with all kinds of different photo projects for various purposes and occasions, from things for the home to gifts for the holidays.

Create [Kodak]

Photo Projects That Deal with the Passage of Time or Obsessive Documentation

Artist Jonathan Keller Keller first started taking a self-portrait of himself every day starting in 2000, and later created a time-lapse video showing eight years of his life passing in less than two minutes (similar to Noah Kalina’s famous everyday video). What’s neat is that Keller maintains a directory of other similar photo projects out there. All the projects either deal with the passage of time or the obsessive documentation of something.

Examples include the Golberg’s yearly family portrait project done since 1976, the Brown sisters photographed every year for 25 years, and Ellie Harrison’s documentation of everything she ate during an entire year.

Related Photo Projects [Jonathan Keller Keller]