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NASA Celebrates Earth Day by Asking the World to Take a #GlobalSelfie


In celebration of Earth Day (that’s today), NASA has announced an interesting initiative called #GlobalSelfie Day where they will create a mosaic image of the iconic Blue Marble photo (seen above) by combining photos taken by anybody who wants to participate. Read more…

NASA Releases First Ever Photo of Saturn, Venus, Mars and Earth in the Same Shot


Yesterday, NASA released a real treat for all the space photography lovers out there: a gorgeous, incredibly detailed photo mosaic of Saturn that also captured Venus, Mars and Earth (with everybody on Earth waving at the camera at that exact moment… not that you can see any them). Read more…

Mind-Blowing Saturn Photo Mosaic Made from Pictures Taken Earlier This Month


The NASA spacecraft Cassini has sent back some incredible imagery of the planet Saturn over the years, much of which is being put to use to create an IMAX movie. But thanks to the work of a Croatian software developer, we now have a full, breath-taking, high-resolution photo mosaic of Saturn in all its glory as it looked on October 10th. Read more…

This Mind-Bending, Colorful Photo Mosaic is Actually a Single Photograph


Check out this colorful photo mosaic created by photographer Bela Borsodi for the cover of the album “Terrain” by VLP (you can find a larger version here). Would you believe us if we told you that it’s actually a single photograph?

Well it is.
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Postrgram Turns Your Instagram and Flickr Images into Photo Mosaics

Postrgram is a new service that turns your Instagram and/or Flickr photo collections into photomosaics, or giant photos composed of tiny photos. The process involves a few simple steps: tell the service your username (make sure you have at least 50 photos in your stream), specify the image you’d like as the main image, and the rest is taken care of.
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Flickr Photos Turned into Photomosaics

For a Yahoo HackU programming competition, a group of students at the University of Washington created FlickrMosaic, a simple app that creates photomosaics from Flickr photographs. The website randomly selects a Creative Commons-licensed photograph from Flickr, then begins transforming it into a photomosaic by adding other photos as small squares.

Sadly, the app is limited to random photos, meaning you can’t provide it one of your own to transform. Hopefully that gets added in the future though — it could be a super simple way to create a nifty image.

Time-Lapse of Google Logo Constructed Out of 884 Photos

The crazy awesome folks over at Google’s London office recently created a photo-mosaic of the company’s logo… by hand. Using 884 individually printed 4×6 photographs, they 5.5 hours assembling the piece, and used a camera to snap a photograph every 7 seconds. The resulting timelapse video shows the whole thing in a little over a minute.

(via Mashable)

Neat Photomosaic iPhone App by LEGO

LEGO recently released a free iPhone app that turns your photographs into photomosaics made with 1×1 LEGO pieces. The app obviously isn’t limited to faces, but can turn anything into a LEGO mosaic.

Sadly, LEGO didn’t integrate a way that allows you to quickly order the exact number of pieces of each color required to create the mosaics you create. That feature would have made the app much more useful and profitable for LEGO, especially if the app takes off.

Download from iTunes (via designboom)