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JewelGram Turns Your Instagram Snaps Into Stylish Bling


We’ve seen Instagram photography on “jewelry” before, but nothing like this. JewelGram is the Kickstarter baby of engineer Gianpiero Riva and jewelry designer Michele Marzotto, and if they get fully funded, we may start seeing high quality Instagram rings and pendents all over the place. Read more…

Leaf Brooches Made from Photographs Printed on Fabric

Dutch artist Purr Anders transforms old photographs into beautiful jewelry. After printing the images onto fabric, Anders crafts them into leaf and flower-shaped brooches. You can visit her Etsy store to order a custom one for $37.

If you want to try making your own, check out this YouTube video on how to transfer photos onto fabric.

Puur Anders Handmade Jewelry (via Craftzine)