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Fear and Self-Loathing in Photography


About twelve months ago, PetaPixel very kindly published my article “The Vital Link Between Emotions and Creativity in Photography.” Well, it’s one year later and I’m back to tell you how I over came my “Photographers block” and share a few key lessons that I have learned along the way. Read more…

Idea Mine: An App for People Suffering From Photographer’s Block

“Idea Mine” is an upcoming iOS app by Canon that helps photographers save and generate ideas. The idea is that photo ideas can always be broken down into four components: location, subject, feeling, and technique. Provide the app with these four things, and it will store your idea for you to come back to later on. If you need some inspiration, hitting the “randomize” button will fill in the fields for you — kinda like a photographic mad libs.
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