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A Creative Photographer Promo in the Form of a Pop-Up Card

Remember Danny Cohen? He’s the photographer who plastered a 43-foot banner onto a bridge in an effort to become David LaChapelle’s photo assistant. He recently came up with another creative photographer promo, this time in the form of a pop-up card.

When opened, the card shows Cohen shooting a portrait of a polar bear-riding general in a makeshift studio in the arctic… That’s pretty win, if you ask us.
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The Photographer’s Pen Pal Promo Piece

One of the most important things I’ve learned during my ongoing adventure as a small-town, self-employed photographer is that nothing is more important than the relationships I’m building. So when I decided sometime last year that I was going to do a 2012 promo I wanted to create something that looked elegant, something that the recipients could be a part of and most importantly, something that could start building long-lasting relationships.
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How to Make a Photographer Promo Agencies Can’t Refuse

We’ve featured examples of creative photographer promos before, but this one by Casey Templeton takes the cake. He created it back in 2010 and mailed it to 300 of the top creative agencies around the country. His hard work sure paid off — check out all the responses that he got back at the end!

2010 Commercial Photography Self Promo (via f stoppers)