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Giant Waves Captured in Super Slow-Mo

Cinematographer Chris Bryan used a Phantom HD Gold camera in a custom underwater housing to capture super slow-motion footage of waves in Sydney, Australia. Water looks amazing at thousands of frames per second. Be sure to watch it full screen and in high-def.

(via PhotoWeeklyOnline)

Vibrations Invisible to the Human Eye Shot at 1,000 Frames Per Second

Vibration tester manufacturer Fluke recently published this video showing what the world of vibration looks like at 1,000 frames per second.

So much of movement is invisible to the human eye. Sure, our eyes can see a cymbal move when struck by a drum stick. But it’s what our eyes can’t see that is most captivating. Metal rippling as if it were fabric fluttering in the wind, droplets of water bouncing and hovering just above the surface of a puddle; the beauty and science of movement is in the details. And the details are often the result of vibrations. [#]

Everything was shot using a Phantom HD Gold high speed camera.

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Tom Guilmette Tries Out the Phantom HD

You know all those eye-popping slow motion videos we feature occasionally on PetaPixel? Many (if not most) of them were filmed with the Phantom HD Gold camera. This camera is capable of shooting thousands of frames per second, and costs a staggering $2,500 to rent for a single day.

Luckily for us there’s people like Tom Guilmette, who had the opportunity to play around with one of these cameras, creating the short video blog above walking us through how the camera works.

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