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Overheard in a Camera Shop: But I’m a Professional

Customer: Hi. I’m a professional photographer but I don’t understand why are my pictures green, and then sometimes blue.
Salesperson: Do you have a certain mode enabled? Maybe a colour swap feature has been accidentally turned on, try resetting the camera back to the original factory settings.
Customer: No, no. I know about that — I’ve been published before with some of the pictures I’ve taken… I know what I’m doing.
Salesperson: So reseting the camera didn’t work?
Customer: No.
Salesperson: …do you know about white balance?
Customer: No.

Thanks for the submission Dennis!

Overheard in a Camera Shop: Sneaky Camera Testing

Customer: I want to test this camera with my memory card so I can check the pictures at home on my computer.
Salesperson: That’s very smart of you – of course I’ll let you do that.
Customer: Can I try it with a background flash?
Salesperson: Normally I’d say no, but I’m not busy… so… sure, why not?
Customer: Can we shoot it on a white wall with even lighting?
Salesperson: Whatever you’d like.

*Customer shoots a few frames of the Salesperson*

Customer: Can you shoot some of me?
Salesperson: You’re just using this for a passport photo, aren’t you.
Customer: How’d you know?
Salesperson: I shoot over 20 passport photos a day and you thought I wouldn’t catch on?
Customer: No.

Thanks for the submission, Dennis!

Overheard in a Camera Shop: Just Do It

Customer: Why are my 8×10 prints being cut off?
Salesperson: Well, your camera shoots in 2:3 aspect ratio which is a different proportion of rectangle. The 8×10 print is 4:5.
Customer: I want my prints in full size.
Salesperson: You have three options. A) We stretch the image. B) We crop the image, or C) we can put white strips on the sides but that won’t be very pleasing.
Customer: Can’t I just put what I have on my camera on the paper?
Salesperson: You know how when you watch a HD video and they put black bars around the screen? It’s that exact same concept.
Customer: You’re not doing your job properly, can I speak with your manager?
Salesperson: No problem! :)

Thanks for the submission, Dennis!

Overheard in a Camera Shop: My Camera is Broken

An old lady brings her newly purchased Canon T2i and kit lens back to a camera store in Toronto claiming they were defective.

Clerk: So whats wrong with your camera?
Lady: It only takes blurry shots, it’s broken.
Clerk: Were you shooting indoors?
Lady: Yes.
Clerk: What mode were you shooting in?
Lady: I don’t know.
Clerk: So auto… Was the flash going off?
Lady: No, I hate the flash.
Clerk: Were you using a tripod?
Lady: Now you’re asking the really hard questions!
Clerk: … Lady I could sell you any lens behind me and none of them would help you take a better picture until you learn how to use your camera.
Lady: …
Clerk: We can point you towards some places that can give you excellent short classes, or sell you a book.
Lady: I don’t need lessons, my camera is broken.

Thanks basic_hydronium!

Overheard in a Camera Shop: $2,000

Customer: I’m wondering how much a certain lens costs.
Clerk: OK, which one?
Customer: I can’t remember, but I know it’s around $2,000.
Clerk: …

Thanks Looking Glass Photo for this submission!

Overheard in a Camera Shop: A Special Kind of Canon Lens

Customer: Hi, I am looking for a Canon lens.
Shopkeeper: Certainly, which one specifically or what’s the purpose?
Customer: I am looking for a lens that can shoot pictures with sharp foreground objects and sharp background objects.
Shopkeeper: Right, you mean a lens that is good for close-ups and landscape?
Customer: Well, not exactly, I want a lens to shoot pictures that everything is in not blurry, especially not those blurry backgrounds with people.
Shopkeeper: Hmm?
Customer: Should I buy the 70-200 2.8 IS II? What do you think I should buy?
Shopkeeper: I think you should buy a photography book first.

The shopkeeper proceeded to show the customer a photography book, but he decided to leave.

Thanks akechi!