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Google Now Passive-Aggressively Calls Out Flash Websites & Portfolios in Search Results


Just a few years ago, Flash websites were all the rage. Now, Flash is a dying technology due to its inefficiency across the board. But, despite being less relevant than ever and incompatible amongst a plethora of devices and platforms, some photographers still insist on having a flash website to show off their work.

Thus, in an effort to ensure that the use of outdated technologies is diminished, Google is now passive-aggressively calling out Flash websites before visitors even click on the link.

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Wal-Mart Selling the Sony Mavica Floppy Disk Digital Camera for Just $269

Wal-Mart stores have so many items that occasionally an outdated one will remain on the shelves for years after they’re no longer relevant. Case in point: the Sony MVC-FD200 Mavica digital camera. The one above was recently found at a Wal-Mart in Illinois. The camera first hit the shelf back in 2002 and has remained there ever since. It featured a state-of-the-art 2-megapixel sensor and allowed photographers the convenience of storing digital photos on 1.44 MB floppy disks (remember those?). If you think Wal-Mart’s trying to rip you off, consider this: the lowest price for this camera on Amazon is nearly $1000.

(via The Consumerist via Gizmodo)

CompactFlash Cards to Be Replaced with the Smaller XQD Format

Perhaps in response to the growing capacities and falling prices of SD cards, the CompactFlash Association has announced a new format to replace CF cards for professional photographers. It’s called XQD, and has a size that falls between CF and SD cards (it’s thicker than SD cards, but smaller than CF cards). The interface used is PCI Express, which has a theoretical max write speed of roughly 600MB/s, though the target for real-world write speeds at first will be 125MB/s. It’ll start making public appearances at trade shows early next year, and will be licenced out to card makers around the same time.

(via CompactFlash)