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Edits Quarterly: An Online Photo Mag with Amazing Web Design

The first issue of Portland-based designer Ian Coyle‘s new online photography magazine, Edits Quarterly, is out. It features short narratives in film and photography, and the first issue is titled “Voyager”. The web design is beautifully minimalistic and is an amazing way to consume images and the stories behind them.

Edits Quarterly (via Coudal and Doobybrain)

Olympus Launches Online PEN Magazine

Olympus just launched a new online publication called “PEN – The Magazine“. It’s available through a Flash viewer online (sorry iPad users), or as a PDF you can download. The first issue features six users of the Micro Four Thirds PEN system, and also an advertisement for why you should be using the system too (gasp!). Now all the other camera companies need to release free online magazines for their camera systems as well.

By the way, yesterday Olympus launched the “PEN your story competition“. All you have to do is submit a proposal through YouTube for what you would do with a PEN camera and a $5,000 budget. Judges will select 6 videos from the top 20 most “thumbs uped” by the community, and those individuals will receive the camera and money to bring their vision to life.

Picsean Similar to Pictory, Except with Cash Prizes for Chosen Photos

Picsean is a new travel magazine that resembles Laura Brunow Miner‘s Pictory. Photographers submit their best photographs and stories to themes, and the best submissions are selected and featured.

However, unlike Pictory, Picsean will publish a magazine separate from the website featuring the work, and pays photographers based on how many pages the work spans in the magazine at the rate of $100 per page.

While there haven’t been any magazines released yet, there’s a number of existing themes that are currently accepting submissions.